What’s my why?

Somebody asked me the other day, who is David? What motivates you? And that’s led me to start thinking about it in more detail. What’s my why? Simon Sinek talks about this a lot in his great book “Start with Why”- if you’re not clear on this, then you will not make the right decisionsContinue reading “What’s my why?”

Are you emotionally and energetically aligned with your family?

I recently made a breakthrough in my understanding of one of the unintended side effects that long working days have that effects the emotional balance within our families. Plus an update on a new opportunity that I have started work on and the structure of the blog going forward.

Positive habits

I’ve noticed that without a regular routine during lockdown, it’s very easy to lose structure to your day, when you don’t have to get up to go to work. Before you know it, it’s 3pm and you’re still in jogging bottoms and are sat around watching Homes Under the Hammer, still unshaven. If you’re likeContinue reading “Positive habits”

Don’t let fear decide your future

For a long, long time, I have wanted to do something more fulfilling with my life. To have a life that’s full and rewarding, where I can spend a lot more time with my family and friends, where I don’t get to Sunday and dread the coming week. So what stopped me from doing somethingContinue reading “Don’t let fear decide your future”