So now what?

One of the things I have had to wrap my head around in these unusual times is that, it isn’t a great time to be looking for a job. You can apply for lots of jobs, and hear nothing back or only occasionally hear back on any of them. For those that do respond- thank you! For those that don’t, you’re really not doing either yours or your company’s brand any good. Remember that there are a lot of people out of work for one reason or another right now (mostly Covid-19 related) who will recall how you treat them at this difficult time… Some of those people will also be applying for the kind of jobs that I have done, which means that there is suddenly a lot more competition. In addition a lot of companies are not actually hiring at the moment- their plans have been put into deep freeze by the pandemic, and some face a very uncertain future.

What does this mean for me personally? Well it’s forcing me to think hard about what I could do, or might have to do to bring in some money. What would I be prepared to do, what wouldn’t I do? Does it matter what you have to do to earn money during this period? For me, I don’t think it does. As a friend whose opinion I value highly said to me “you do whatever you need to, to make sure you can pay the bills”. Doesn’t matter if it is something that you might have once thought was beneath you or not something that you felt you would never do. Do you hear that noise? It’s your ego shattering…nature is humbling us… and perhaps it’s not a bad thing. Being forced to periodically assess who you are, what you do and the value you can bring should be mandatory. The energy and creative force which is unleashed when you consider new ways of being can be powerful.

Anything you do decide to do doesn’t have to be permanent, you can always change direction later on when the environment is different. Maybe I will decide to start a new venture, if the right opportunity comes along. How will I know if it’s the right opportunity? I’m not entirely sure, but I think it will feel right, it needs to align to my values. And preferably not involve a long commute on a germ infested train.

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